House of Holland Social

Here is a collection of still life’s shot for House of Holland and their social media pages. These are a lot of fun to shoot as the imagination can run wild and bounce off and clash in the same way that inspire House of Holland design.

All that Glitters

Eggy Spot and Egg

Leggy Hero

Mossy Hero

Superhero water colour spot

Fister V2 Bright Camo

OMG Bubble 2

Brow Beater Pow
Brow Beater Contrast 02

Superhero Batman hero

Brow Beater Floral

Brow Beater Gold Contrast

eggy bw spot

Fister V2 Colour Block

Fister V2 Floral

Fister V2 Spot Blue

Fister V2 Spot

OMG Lippy

Wide Side contrast

Skills: Product
Client: House of Holland