Our photography pricing is based on the following criteria due to the time required with lighting calibration between object types. These prices are based on high volume photography for eCommerce and product ranges.

Number of Images  Price per Image*
1-10 $25
11-30 $21
31-50 $19
51-100 $16
101-300 $13
301-500 $10
501-1000 $7
1000+ $5

*Please note our image pricing does not include post production. For post production and deep-etching costs please read below. We also have a minimum charge of $150 so it is recommended at least 5 photos be requested.


Post production is calculated by product type. As you can appreciate some products due to their complexity will require much more retouching than others. We have tried our best to quantify the following however for an accurate price we ask that you get in touch with us!

Opaque Objects

Our standard pricing is based on opaque objects such as; Clothing, Furniture, Accessories etc. Retouching these objects is based on 50% of the photography price.

Reflective / Transparent Objects

Due to the time required to set up the shot for products such as; Tapware, Jewellery, Glassware etc. There is a 25% retouching surcharge per image that is applicable.

Deep Etching

In many cases deep-etching is not necessary where the object has high contrast to the background. Also, where no clipping path is required (i.e. white background for e-commerce store) you may not need to have this done. If you are unsure please request an explanation in your quote.

 Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 1.14.09 PM


For commercial photography rates please contact us for a quote as we would like to provide an accurate estimate to your requirements.

On-Site Photography and Mobile Setup

If shooting in our studio will not work for you, we can always come to your premises and set up a temporary studio. We can generally get within 90% of our in-house studio conditions, all we ask is that you have a room where we can control the lighting.

On-site call out fee & setup of $150 applies – Standard photography rates there after.

Studio & Lifestyle Photography

We are also able to offer a studio and lifestyle photography service. Fees associated with this type of project would be on a case by case basis and are charged on a day rate for our photographers plus any studio and lighting hire fees. We can make this type of project as big or small as you like!

Contact us to discuss your photographic requirements and we can work out the most cost effective way to get you what you need.

 Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 1.17.27 PM


Specialised Hero Photography

‘Hero’ photography is a specialty product photo still life and requires styling and art direction to bring life to you product. It is what you commonly see on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook and most often in your email from companies you receive news and sales updates from.

We are able to style and create beautiful still life heros for your stand out pieces. Rates start at $50 per image plus retouching at a discounted hourly rate there after. Pricing can vary depending on the complexity of the shoot and requirement.

Superhero Water Colour Spot


Our video projects focus on smaller, web based, marketing and PR promotions as well as corporate films for branding and training. Our team has a multi-faceted skill base that can offer stop motion, interviews and small scale music based performances. Please view some examples of our video work on our Vimeo profile.

Rates for videography can vary depending on the type of project but day rates and post production fees do apply.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Licensing / Ownership / Terms

In most cases you as the client, you get ownership and full rights to your images and may use them in any way you feel. Copyright always remains with the photographer as it it their creative direction that produced the work for you. However, depending on the type of usage, a licensing agreement may be required.

Please see below for an example of the type of usage agreement that may apply to your images or visit Viscopy if you would like to read more about copyright and licensing.

Rights Usage Agreement (example)

Images to be supplied are granted a One (1) year exclusive license for use by The Client starting on the day this invoice is paid in full.

Usage is permitted for in-store printed banner advertising up to fifteen (15) units per image.

All other use is restricted to a sliding scale of percentage based on total media buy. Resale of images and merchandising is not permitted. Stock use only by Photographer with written authorisation of Client within the aforementioned exclusivity period.

License is granted contingent on payment in full. Copyright remains exclusive property of Photographer.